About The Steel Geek

As a structural engineer in southeast Virginia, I spend my day designing commercial and administrative buildings, mostly from 20,000 to 120,000 square feet.  The architect is there to make it pretty, make certain the roof doesn’t leak, and make certain you don’t have to go through a janitor’s closet to get into the bathroom.  Meanwhile, my job is to make sure half a million pounds worth of building doesn’t fall on your head in the next hurricane.  My best work is almost always hidden by drywall, but I think it’s the fun part!

Outside the office, I make things.  Small buildings, building additions, cabinetry, furniture, and fencing probably take up more of my time than they should.  Cars, trucks, and motorcycles are my passion.  I lean heavily toward the hardcore technical end of things as a gearhead, and I’m more interested in things like frame and suspension modification, innovative suspension designs, bespoke fuel injection systems, and putting modern technology into the older cars I prefer.

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