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ROOter GoldenOrb Hosting

We’re helping provide overflow hosting space for the wonderful team that keeps this OpenWRT fork going! However, during this morning’s transition, I hear a few people are having cache problems that have redirected them here to the blog front page, instead of the upload and build folders.

If that’s you, here are your direct links to the new folder locations:

Hopefully the redirect issues will clear up quickly. However, if you ever land on my front page accidentally, there will also always be a link at the top of the page with direct links.

Thanks for your patience!

What is A Turn Of The Nut?

Over the years, I’ve spent a lot of time on various online forums helping friends, acquaintances, and strangers sort out automotive problems.  I tend to lean toward the more technical end of car modification and design, and over the years, I’ve found out that there really aren’t all that many good automotive resources online.

What about the mountain of automotive websites out there?  Well, most of them don’t provide the sort of hardcore tech info I’m personally interested in.  Also, I’ve seen a lot of information on very authoritative looking sites that’s just plain incorrect, too.  I’ve looked at cars for years from the perspective of a designer who has to put numbers and tested data to everything, so maybe I just catch things that are below the level most people really worry about.

Either way, I’ve accumulated a fair amount of really detailed technical information (and some really useful tools, as well) over the years, and my goal is to gather the information I have and share it here for others to use.  Really, I’m here trying to create the blog I wish I’d found five or ten years ago.

You might find the occasional stray post here about buildings and engineering, but let’s be honest – we’re all here for the cars!

Here’s hoping you find it as useful as I might have then.