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ROOter GoldenOrb

If you’re finding this page from a link at ROOter GoldenOrb’s home page, it may be because we’ve offered to help host system images! Most of my home network out in the boonies has run off of dairyman’s ROOter fork of OpenWRT since 2017. Just in case Google has accidentally sent you in the wrong direction, you can find more information about ROOter at the home page link above, as well as:

  • The ROOter Forum Thread at, where ROOter originally started. Yes, it really is one 860 page thread at current writing – but it’s also where the developers and most experienced users hang out, and a great place to get started.
  • The uploads directory, now hosted here. These are interim releases and test builds created by dairyman (a.k.a. DM) for testing new features, supporting new equipment, and general upgrades between full GoldenOrb releases.
  • The builds directory, also now hosted here. This folder will contain the most recent uploaded copies of DM’s build environment for ROOter.

Our most significant service for ROOter is operating the Autobuild system and hosting weekly images. These images are built weekly from the standard, unmodified ROOter sources, and hosted here for anyone’s use:

ROOter Autobuilds

The Autobuild System Status page is updated hourly at 20m after the hour during builds, and shows the current status of each build system. Please note the estimated finish time for the bigger systems tends to be really pessimistic, especially earlier in the build process.

In addition, because we only have space here to host the most recent two images for each router, user carp4 has offered space on a Google Drive to host all of the older autobuild images. As of 2023-04-30, there are still about 11,000 left to upload, in batches of a couple of hundred a night. You can find those images here:

ROOter Older Autobuild Archive

As always, if you have questions about ROOter, I definitely recommend checking out the home page above, or the forum!