My Samsung Galaxy S20 FE UW debloat list

I know I’m not the only one who’s driven nuts by all the extra stuff loaded on most new phones. I honestly mostly prefer a “stock” Android experience, but do prefer some of Samsung’s hardware. I just don’t like their software. Thankfully, ADB makes it pretty easy to rip most of their software out by the roots, even the things that are blocked from disabling via the user interface.

And that’s good, since this is the second one of these phones I’ve set up in about nine months (thanks to a catastrophe a few days ago, and decent insurance coverage). Unfortunately I didn’t save a list of what I removed to debloat last time, so this time once I got it workable I exported the list of disabled apps.

There are lots of other good references on how to set up ADB and how to disable individual packages, so the below is simply a copy of my own disable list. This rips out almost everything Samsung and a good bit of the garbage Verizon preloaded. It should be very similar to what I had removed from my last phone, which was very nice to use after the junk-ectomy.

Without further ado, the list:


Since I see far fewer explanations of how to conveniently generate this list of everything you’ve manually disabled, here’s the command you need to run (in Linux from outside adb shell, because you need to use command line tools to sift things out that aren’t available within most phone operating systems):

diff <(adb shell pm list packages) <(adb shell pm list packages -u) > ~/rawlist.txt

That command takes a list of all current packages, then takes a list of all packages including uninstalled, subtracts the good packages from the bad, and saves the results into a list in your home directory (in this case named rawlist.txt).

The results produced by that command are pretty ugly, so you can use the following command to trim out all the gibberish and leave just the clean package list above:

cat rawlist.txt | grep "> package" | sed 's/> package://' | sort > ~/cleanlist.txt

That leaves you a clean list of uninstalled packages from the stock image that you could even use as an input for a script to bulk-uninstall everything using ADB again later. That’s my real end goal here – if something large and steel falls on my poor phone again, I don’t want to have to spend another two hours remembering what junk I ripped out, when I could save the list, and whip up a script to remove them all in about ten minutes. Wish I’d thought of that the first time.

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