September 2023 ROOter updates

I’ve had a few chances over the last few weeks to make minor updates to the autobuild systems. Nothing major. This month’s news:

  • The autobuild status system has been reconfigured to update every minute, with an approximately one minute lag.
  • The status has also been added to a new Autobuilds headline page, easily accessible from the top menu. This is probably the quickest way to see the current system status. It doesn’t auto update, though, you’ll have to refresh occasionally.
  • A while back we were able to finish uploading all of the old autobuild images to carp4’s Autobuild archive space. Everything should be there, from just after the first runs, sorted by router name. You may find a few routers that are split into several folders due to name changes over time, but everything seems to be where it belongs. This archive also updates with new images within a day or so of them being built.
  • The old 18.06.7 system was retired about a week ago. For at least a year or more it had only been building the WR703N, which barely fit an image with the older kernel. New images no longer fit, so this one is finally wound down.

I have a few more tweaks on my wish list, but everything gets fit between the two real jobs, both of which have been hopping this year. Maybe more time will appear as things go on.

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